Friday, March 18, 2005

Can't afford the cool conferences? Read presenter blogs

If you really want to know what's happening in the tech, design and new media world one of the best ways to find out is to attend conferences. Unfortunately, for students (and many freelancers like myself) the cost is too prohibitive. Thanks to the knowledge sharing that participatory media (i.e., blogs) enables it's possible to get that insider information - for free.

These days, most of the stuff that gets talked about at the big conferences like SIGGRAPH, SXSW, Etcon and Toronto's own FITC finds its way online and into blogs, wiki's, magazines, interviews and developer sites. It's not as fun as actually attending the conferences but it's a form of access to the information you need as an emerging interactive professional.

For example, I just found this blog post about a presentation at SXSW that speaks to the kind of small team projects at Signal vs. Noise (via

"Here’s a PDF of my March 12th How to Make Big Things Happen with Small Teams presentation from SxSW 2005 (plus reviews/notes from attendees including Khoi Vinh’s thoughful The New New Methodology article at Subtraction). If you were in the
, find yourself and make a Flickr note. Thanks again to Hugh Forrest for asking me to be a part of SxSW this year."

Writer and gaming expert Clickable Culture's Tony Walsh attended the 2005 South by Southwest interactive festival, in Austin, Texas. He appeared as a panelist in a discussion about "Journalism and Blogging About Online Worlds. Walsh published all of his notes from both his own panel and those he attended on his blog in a special report section devoted to the conference.