Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The "paid-for content" debate: will online writers cash in?

Sogole Honarvar of The Online Journalism Review blog weighs in on the debate over "paid content":

"The age-old tension of free vs. paid-for content online is up for questioning again, as The New York Times explores the profitability of print newspapers who offer free online content. The main source of Web editions' revenues come from online advertising, which news publishers fear will decline if they begin to charge access fees. Newspaper publishers with a Web presence also fear that mandated subscription fees will fail in a world where users expect free content. "A big part of the motivation for newspapers to
charge for their online content is not the revenue it will generate, but the revenue it will save, by slowing the erosion of their print subscriptions," said Colby Atwood, vice president of
Borrell Associates, Inc., a media research firm. "We're in the midst of
a long and painful transition.""

So, dear online writer (and reader), where do you stand on paid-for content?