Thursday, July 28, 2005

Building your base: 50 tips for writing

Getting ready to write is a lot like getting ready to run. In order to do marathons or other really challenging events you have to first "build a base". Emerging writers also need to build a base when it comes to going the distance with a new project or challenge. In addition to creativity and inspiration, writers require a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and proven approaches in order to produce quality work. Reading widely, writing regularly and mastering grammar and structure are essential. But there are a lot of very simple techniques and tools that, if reviewed and practiced regularly, can help you build your writing base.

Roy Peter Clark of Poynter Online has come up with
50 writing tools that will make you a better writer and prepare you for some of the challenges you will face as a professional. Try these out right now:

#1: Branch to the Right
#2: Use Strong Verbs
#3: Beware of Adverbs
#4: Period As a Stop Sign
#5: Observe Word Territory
#6: Play with Words
#7: Dig for the Concrete and Specific